R – Special Education Data Cleaning

Three new scripts have been added to the R resource section:

  • SpecEd_36_ISD_Coding.R
  • SpecEd_G9_ISD_Coding.R
  • SpecEd_OSSLT_FTE_ISD_Coding.R

These files have been developed to support the analysis of achievement or context by Special Education categories.

Each of the scripts takes your ISD file and:

  • recodes the Special Education IEP Types into a single column with each IEP Type labeled.
  • recodes the Special Education IEP Type into a single column by the Ministry categories of exceptionalities (http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/general/elemsec/speced/guide/specedpartae.pdf page A18).
  • creates a new file with the two new recoded variables appended to all the ISD variables.
  • creates a new smaller file with fields of interest (this file is useful in constructing cohort data sets).
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