R Resources

This page highlights the R resources that have been developed by the Data User Group.

Introduction to R – Towards Reproducible Research

An introductory workshop was held on December 9th in collaboration with the Barrie Region MISA PNC and the Toronto Region MISA PNC.  This workshop was oriented to new R users with little to no experience and walked through the basic data structures, use of functions and an introduction to the use of KnitR for the development of reporting templates.  Resources shared during this workshop included:

For those that were unable to attend, a two day summer series workshop is being planned. If you are interested in participating our would like to join the DUG email distribution list contact Conley_Chris at durham.edu.on.ca

Data Cleaning for Common Data Sets

The following files have been created to facilitate the cleaning and coding of common data sets.  If you find these files useful or have a file you would like to contribute please let us know.

Qualitative Data Analysis with R

The following file provides an overview of gettings started with qualitative data analysis in R using the RQDA package.  It walks the reader through Data Cleaning, Text Mining, Manual Thematic Coding, Auto-Coding Text, and Creating (exporting) a coded file.  Each section includes screen shots and sample script for ease of reference.


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