Introduction to R – Towards Reproducible Research

On December 9th, 2013, DUG will be holding the hands-on workshop “Introduction to R – Towards Reproducible Research“.  This workshop is presented In collaboration with the Barrie Region and Toronto Region MISA (Managing Information for Student Achievement) PNCs (Professional Network Centres).

This workshop is intended to be a starting point for: those with no experience with R; those who would like an R refresher; those who would like to begin developing reproducible reports.

The morning will consist of demonstrations of the basics of R such as :

• Loading data, recoding variables, merging data files
• Simple analyses, such as frequencies and cross tabulation
• Data visualization

The afternoon will focus on preparing reports in R, including:

• Customizing appearance
• Combining script, analyses and visualizations
• Automating annual reports

Note: MISA is a provincial initiative in Ontario designed to increase both provincial and local capacity to use data and information for evidence-informed decision-making to improve student achievement.

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